This command can be used to purge or clean a large number of messages from a channel. This can be useful to clean up after a bot raid or to punish a user by removing all of their messages.
The command can only purge up to 100 messages at a time, which only accounts for valid messages picked up by your command tags.

Command Structure

Where < > implies a required parameter Where --Channel implies a command tag Where --User implies a command tag Where --Bots implies a command tag
p!purge <Amount> [--Channel] [--User] [--Bots]
The command tags need to be used as an addition to the command:
The --Channel tag defines in which channel the purge should take place in (Default is the channel you use the command in) The --User tag defines which user's messages should be purged. All other messages will be left alone. The --Bot tag defines that the purge should only apply to messages sent by bots.
[--Channel] = --Channel [#Channel]
[--User] = --User [@User]
[--Bots = --Bots


  • Manage Messages (User)
  • Manage Messages(Bot)


  • purge
  • prune
  • clear
  • clean