😄Automatically Controlled Emoji-List

Set up a list of all of your server emojis and forget about it as it updates itself

Why Would You Need This?

An essential feature of Discord Emoji Servers is the conveniently created Emoji-Lists. Conventionally they are one channel dedicated to listing all the emojis that are in one server or in some cases a multitude of servers, so users can easily copy and paste their favourite ones, look for enticing emojis to use, and more. Lurkr offers exactly this, plus it gives you the freedom to set it up and forget about it as it does all the work in the background.

Video Tutorial

We currently do not have a video tutorial for this guide just yet, check back later!


Setting the Channel

The first thing you want to do is create a channel for your emoji list. This will be the final channel, so set it up in the way you want everyone to see it.

Next, you want to enter the following command:

Enabling the List

Next, you will want to enable the emoji list. By default, even if you have set the Emoji List Channel, it is not enabled. To enable it, enter the following command:

Update the List

Finally, to get your new emoji list going, you need to manually update the emoji list.

This is the only time you need to update it manually, however, you can always update the list manually later down the line:

Final Words

And that's it! You've successfully created an Automatically Controlled Emoji-List with Lurkr!

The Emoji-List will automatically update on these events:

  • An Emoji is created

  • An Emoji is deleted

  • An Emoji is renamed

  • An Emoji is replaced (Using Lurkr Commands)

If you need any more assistance with Lurkr, check out the rest of this documentation or join our support server to talk to an actual human!


The bot isn't posting the emoji list!

If you think you've set up the emoji-list correctly, make sure to follow these troubleshooting tips in order to fix your issue!

1. Double-check the bot permissions

Go into the channel permission settings for the emoji list channel and add the highest role that Lurkr is assigned to, to the list, if it isn't already. Then make sure that the bot has the following permissions check-marked: View channel, Send messages, Manage messages.

2. It's still not working!

If the bot still isn't sending the emoji-list into the channel, join our support server and head over to the #support forum channel to ask for support!

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