Manage your server emojis with Lurkr


The emoji command allows you to create, delete, download, search and pick a random emoji within your server! It is most useful on Discord Mobile where the UI might be a little clunky and hard to navigate, making slash commands easier and more convenient to use.

The emoji command has 5 methods, or ways to interact with the command. These are represented as sub-commands. Within each method you have different options which correspond to the major emoji features that you can use with Lurkr. Once you've select the method and option, you can then set an option to use.

Command Structure

/emoji <method:> [options:]

Takes an already existing image/gif file that you can provide and uploads it as an emoji.

Lets you delete an already existing emoji from your server.

Lets you download an already exisiting emoji into it's original image/gif format.

Picks a random emoji from the ones you've already uploaded and shows it to you.

Searches through all of your already uploaded emojis based on your keywords.


  • Manage Emojis (Bot)

  • Manage Emojis (User)

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