This is a method or sub-command of the Background command. It is not its own command.

This method of the background command can be used to report other users if the background they have set for their leveling card is inappropriate in some way.

Reported backgrounds are sent to the Lurkr Support Team to be reviewed individually by humans. If the reported image is found to be violating the Discord Terms of Service and/or fit the descriptions of the report reasons below, it will be deleted and the default leveling background will be put in it's place for that user.

Repeat offenders might be banned from using the bot globally on any server it is used.

Command Structure

/background report <user:> <reason:>


Any images that feature or suggest nudity or pornographic material.


Any images that may contain violence, assault, or other graphic depictions.


Any images that contain offensive symbology or iconography, for example the Confederacy flag, Swastika symbols, etc.


Any images that are in some other way not allowed. This does not include advertisements.


  • N/A (User)

  • N/A (Bot)

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