🔗Setting a Leaderboard Vanity URL

Stand out from the crowd!

Why Would You Need This?

Vanity URL's, like the name already implies, makes you stand out and away from the long string of numbers that normally represent your server. Give your leaderboard it's own unique flair by giving it the same name as your server, or an acronym to let your members find the leaderboard easier!


Make sure you have leveling set up

Before following this guide, please make sure that you have correctly set up leveling in your server already. If you need guidance in doing so, please follow our guide here:

Choosing a Good Vanity

A lot of people might not know what to put as their vanity, so here are some key tips in order to help you pick the vanity that's right for you!

  • If your server has a short name (Up to 10-15 Characters) - You can just get away with using your server name as the vanity! It's short enough to be memorable, and it reflects your server perfectly!

  • If your server has multiple words - You can take the first letter of each word and create an acronym for your server! For example: Game Dev League = GDL

  • If your server name has a keyword - You can just take that keyboard and use it! For example: Splitgate - Season 0 = Splitgate

Vanity's are entirely unique!

If you set a vanity, no other server can use it and vice-versa.

Therefore, if another server has taken the vanity you were aiming for, you can simply try a different technique to choosing a good vanity!

Setting your Vanity

All you have to do to set your vanity URL is to type the command shown below or visit your server dashboard and do it there! Either way, within a few moments the vanity should be up and running, and you can start linking it to people!

A modal-box will then appear, in which you can then enter the vanity name you want to assign.

Deleting your Vanity

To delete your vanity (In order to set it to something else for example) all you have to do is type the command shown below, or as before visit your server dashboard!

Final Words

And that's it! You've successfully learnt how to add and remove a vanity URL!

If you need any more assistance with Lurkr, check out the rest of this documentation or join our support server to talk to an actual human!

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