Everything configuration!
We have a dashboard! Everything you can do with the config command you can now do in our user-friendly web-interface!
Simply log-in to our website and select the server you want to configure!


We know this command is complex.
Please read all of the documentation so you fully understand how it works.
If you still need help with the command, you are more than welcome to ask in our #support channel.
This command can be used to configure how Lurkr behaves in your server. Most, if not all of the settings you can change about Lurkr can be done through the configuration command.
The config command has 6 methods, or ways to interact with the command. These are represented as sub-commands. Within each method you have different options which correspond to the major features that you can configure in Lurkr. Once you've select the method and option, you can then set an option, which is the specific setting you want to configure.

Command Structure

/config <Method> <options:> [values:]
Displays an embed with all of your configuration options and how they have been set
Completely removes an entry to a set option
Completely removes all configuration options you have configured
Resets an entry of a toggle option back to its original state
Sets an option to a specified value
Toggles an option to true or false


  • Manage Server(User)
  • N/A (Bot)