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Bot Permissions

Lurkr requires some permissions if you invite it using the default invite link. On this page, we will explain why Lurkr needs these permissions to function.
Never give any bot Administrator permissions, if the bot somehow gets under the control of someone else it could completely destroy your server within moments.
Why Lurkr Needs it
Create commands in a server
To create and manage the slash commands you will need to interact with the bot. As of the 22nd of August, Lurkr no longer supports prefix commands.
Manage Emojis
To Create, Delete and Rename emojis on your server, using the Createemoji, Deleteemoji and Renameemoji commands.
Read Messages
To see when a command has been triggered and be able to react to it
Send Messages
To reply to commands and send an output message
Manage Messages
Used for the Purge command and also to delete image command messages if the author requests it.
Embed Links
Used to create embedded messages, which is how the bot replies to the vast majority of utility commands.
Attach Files
Used to send the result of image commands.
Read Message History
Used for the Purge command and also to be able to see when a command has been triggered.
Use External Emojis
Used to react to confirmation messages with the Yes and No emojis