This command can be used to overlay nearly any text onto the 'Pepe Sign' template. You may not use this bot to generate hateful, discriminatory or anti-semitic text. The formatting of the text may vary depending on the length of your text, the character that you use, and which language you are writing in. Some languages (Notably Russian and its derivatives) are not supported by the font that we use and will be generated in Arial.
The font that we use is called DK Lemon Yellow Sun and can be downloaded for free here: The sign template we use is custom made and you can download it for free here: Upon a successful generation, a Delete button will show up below the image. For 15 seconds the person who has generated the image may click that button to delete it, in case a sensitive image was used by accident.

Command Structure

Where < > implies a required parameter
p!sign <Text>


  • N/A (User)
  • Attach Files(Bot)


  • sign
  • pepe_sign