This command can be used to overlay the 'Stonks' image template onto user avatars, server icons, emojis (Custom or Default) or any other provided image attachment or image URL.
Free users are limited to generating 250x250 images, whereas users who are subscribed to the $1 Patreon tier or the $5 Patreon tier can generate 1000x1000 images. Free users who use the command on a $5 premium server do not gain access to high-resolution generation, the perk is per-user. Upon a successful generation, a Delete button will show up below the image. For 15 seconds the person who has generated the image may click that button to delete it, in case a sensitive image was used by accident. If a user profile picture was used to generate the image, that user also has the same 15 seconds to click the Delete button.

Command Structure

Where [ ] implies an optional parameter
p!stonks [ImageURL/AttachedImage/Emoji/User/ServerID]


  • N/A (User)
  • Attach Files(Bot)


  • N/A